Youth & Family Programs

Wonder Roots outdoor enrichment programs offer children and families opportunities to gain connections to each other and our natural world, spark curiosity and learn new skills. Our program sites are located in Hinesburg and South Burlington, Vermont with 3-5 acres of woods to explore. 

Wonder Roots School- Year Programs

Core Values:

We believe that learning opportunities should be stress-free, developmentally appropriate, and naturally unfold through the inquiry and curiosity of the children, as well as support skills that will continue on as the children grow. Our staff supports all aspects of the growing child and places an equal importance on the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive components of development.

Our Curriculum:

Wonder Roots forest programs are 100% outside and include plenty of time and space in our woodland setting where participants can increase confidence, creativity and community. Using emergent, inquiry-based curriculum practices, our programs allow for flexibility based on interest, seasonal changes and community need. With a careful and intentional balance of adult facilitated support, we aim to challenge children in new ways, fostering a sense of independence and a greater sense of self.

Program Options:

Spring programs are open for registration! 

Tues. 9-2: Grades 2-8
Weds. 9-Noon: Grades PreK- 3

Weds 2:15-5pm
Grades 2-8

TimberNook Summer Camps

Wonder Roots is proud to bring licensed TimberNook summer camps to the Greater Burlington, Vermont area. Our Wonder Roots’ TimberNook program facilitators have been trained by TimberNook to provide high-quality, sensory and imagination-rich opportunities for our community. Wonder Roots offers TimberNook summer camp programs for preschool, elementary and middle school ages. 

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