TimberNook Summer Camps

The world can be a better place if we focus on getting children outside-- encouraging movement, play and creative experiences in nature. TimberNook programs empower children to take healthy risks and work together with others while using the outdoors as the third teacher. Our programs center around allowing children time and space in the natural world, where the role of the adult is to step-back and tune-in. As a result, we see transformative benefits such as children feeling empowered, capable and proud of their ability to build and create, problem solve and communicate with others and manage their day. 
Note: TimberNook Summer Camp registration is managed through the TimberNook website.

2024 Summer Camp Schedule

Wonder Roots is pleased to once again offer TimberNook summer camps this year.

2024 Schedule (links will activate once the registration period opens)

Registration information:

Due to the high demand of our summer camps, we have decided to slightly change our enrollment process so we may continue to nurture the relationships we have with current & past families while also welcoming new families. We will have enrollment "waves" scheduled for each of the following groups:

  • WAVE 1: January 27: 9:00 AM-- Current Families

  • WAVE 2: January 28: 9:00 AM-- Past Families (enrolled in programs during the last 1-2 years)

  • WAVE 3: February 3: 7:00 PM-- Email List Subscribers

  • General Enrollment: February 4: 7:00 PM-- Open to the public (no passcode needed)

How Does It Work?

Each enrollment wave will have a limited number of slots to access via passcode. If space fills up in your assigned wave, you will also gain access to subsequent waves and can attempt enrollment during that time. Enrollment space is not guaranteed. If enrollment fills during wave 3, we will begin a waitlist.
  1. Current & Past Families: If you attended a Wonder Roots Program (TimberNook summer camp, Forest Playgroup, Curiosity Connections or Afterschool Adventurers) in the last 1-2 years, we should have record of you in our system. Look out for an email from us. We will send you details (along with a few reminders!).
  2. Email List Subscribers: Be on the lookout for an email from us with details. We’ll send out several emails so you don’t miss anything!
  3. Not an email subscriber? Get on our list! Or, if you like living on the edge, you can take your chances and wait until General Enrollment opens on Feb. 5th. 

Please take the time to review our cancellation policy and camp FAQs before enrolling.

Camp Details:

TimberNook Friends in the Wild. Heroes & Helpers: June 17-21. 9-3pm. Ages 4-8yrs in So. Burlington
This program is all about diving deep into one's imagination with a little help from some plush friends. Children will pick a stuffed animal from our collection to accompany them on adventures this week. We’ll create super hero personas, explore the role of various community helpers, embark on rescue missions, and more! $340

TimberNook Going Wild. The Force- Droids, Clones & Galaxy Games: June 24-28. 9-3pm. Ages 8-12+ yrs in Hinesburg
You won’t have to cross galaxies far away for this adventure! Join us for epic quests involving interplanetary outposts, droid friends, armor and intergalactic fashion, space racers, and more! $340

TimberNook Enchanted. Wands, Wings & Magical Things: July 22-26. 9-3pm. Ages 4-8 yrs in Hinesburg

Enter a world of whimsy, where nature’s magic takes hold and faeries fly free. Children will conjure up their own enchanted world-- designing woodland homes and faerie gardens, searching for gnomes & mystical creatures, creating potions and more. $340

TimberNook Going Wild. Wizard Worlds: July 29- Aug 1. 9-3pm. Ages 8-12+ yrs in Hinesburg
This week is inspired by one of our favorite wizarding worlds. Children will leave the muggle world behind to join other woodland wizards! Create mystical potions, participate in wizard games, conjure up campfire treats and so much more!
Note: While knowledge of the popular wizard story series will enhance the experience, we design the week to be open-ended enough so that everyone may have an amazing time. $340

TimberNook Barefoot & Buckets. Rainbow World: Aug 12-16. 9-3pm. Ages 4-8 yrs in Hinesburg

There is a world of color out there! This week is all about rainbows and exploring color through nature, creativity and adventure. Children will get crafty in our color lab, take aim with color catapults, create colorful creatures, compete in color games and even become their own work of art. $340

This week, children will embark on a time-travel adventure as they power themselves into the past, present and future with their own hand-built “time machine contraption." Each day will bring a new time-period with its own unique quest. We’ll learn survival skills along the way, practice our engineering & design skills, and dive into our imagination. $340

Do you have a teen who likes working with kids, enjoys the outdoors and has a creative, imaginative spark? We have several openings for student mentorship. Applications opening soon.

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