Rooted In Wonder


3 Days of connection, community and creativity.

Rooted In Wonder Summer Retreat
August 5-7, 2024


Teachers, the end of the school year has left so many of us feeling exhausted, disconnected and unsupported. Rising childhood mental health, behavior and learning challenges has taken us on a wild ride. And it's no wonder-- with 1 in 6 young children having a mental health, behavior or developmental disorder, we see more and more dysregulated students. Throw in political volatility and admin demands and we've got the perfect recipe for burn-out. 

I see you.

I see how much you give of yourself.

I know that you want to make a difference.

I understand how much effort that all takes.

You are strong. You are not invincible.

The work we do-- in our classrooms and in our own household is more sustainable when we create and nurture an environment where we all can thrive.

I believe in you.

I support you.

Together we can utilize nature as an element of learning, healing, and growth.

Together we can create a space where you and your students feel empowered, engaged and inspired.

Rooted in Wonder plants seeds of inspiration for wonder-filled, nature-based practices. 
Rooted in Wonder is a way to reignite that light of yours so you can shine on.

This is not just a nature-based method. It’s not just an instructional model. It’s a way to reset and refresh. It’s looking at the root of the environment– do the children and YOU feel grounded? Do they feel supported? Seen? Are there opportunities to explore the world and individual interests? Make mistakes? Celebrate unconventional success?

Each day will include--

Restorative Practices for Self-care & Personal Development. What fuel do you need to find JOY in your personal & professional environment and light the fire for others?

Inspiration & Ideas that you can implement at home & at work. Less is more. We'll look at ways to tweak your current practices to better fit the needs of you and your students while also establishing new strategies and routines in manageable way.

Deepen Understanding with strategies that support development of healthy humans. We'll dive into the WHAT, WHY and HOW so you have the confidence to implement practices that empower yourself and your students.

Reset & Reflect, practice and play with an action plan that includes hands-on experiences, materials lists, and resources to use in your own setting.

Key Topics Include:

  • The Importance of Nature & Nature Connection
  • Sensory Systems and Self Regulation
  • Encouraging Opportunities for Play & Interest-based Environments
  • Hands-on learning & Outdoor skills: forts, fire, forest literacy, tool use and s'more!

Additional Details:

Enrollment is limited to 6 participants to maximize on individual growth and community collaboration.
Upon completions, participants will receive a certificate of completion for 20 professional development hours.


Date: August 5-7, 2024 (M-W)
Time: 9:30am-2:30pm
Location: 640 Texas Hill Rd. Hinesburg, VT
Investment: $555
Instructor: Colleen Christman