Summer Camps

2021 Summer Camp Schedule

Wonder Roots is pleased to once again offer TimberNook summer camps this year.

Summer Camp Registration in OPEN!
TimberNook Summer Camps Registration can be found here.

This program is all about diving deep into one's imagination with a little help from some forest friends. Children will pick a woodland stuffed animal from our collection to accompany them on their adventures this week. They will enjoy handcrafting items for their special stuffies, building habitats and embarking on other sensational journeys.
Cost: $298

Enter a world of whimsy, where animals talk and faeries fly free. This week is sure to bring magical memories as children dive deep into their imaginations, creating gnome homes, faerie gardens, goblin traps and more.  
Cost: $298
This program is FULL.

This ultimate maker camp is sure to power up creativity, ingenuity, and imagination. Children will work together to design and build various art and wood working installments and then present them at the end of the week in a one-of-a-kind woodland showcase.  
Cost: $298

We are excited to be back again this summer at Mountain River School in Morristown! This week is inspired by one of our favorite wizarding worlds. Children will leave the muggle world behind to create mystical potions, participate in wizard games, conjure up campfire treats and so much more! 
Cost: $325

This program emanates childhood days past. A traditional TimberNook program where young children have unique play experiences that challenge their mind and body in beautiful natural settings, followed by hours of play. This week is all about COLOR-- including painting adventures, foamy fun and more.
Cost: $298
This program is FULL.


 The magical days of childhood only last so long. Children will embark on a quest to conjure up their own enchanted world-- designing woodland homes and faerie gardens, developing a dragon protection system, discovering mystical creatures and more. 
Cost: $298

COVID Precautions: We will be following Vermont Health and American Camp Association Guidelines for operation in regards to COVID-19. 

Wondering if TimberNook programs are a good fit for your child? Find more info here.

We will announce our 2021 fall program schedule soon!

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